Hamlet by Hillbark Players Opens Tonight

If you’ve ever thought: To go, or Not To Go…. to see Hamlet by www.hillbarkplayers.co.uk consider this…. If you’ve never seen Hamlet, give it a go, Hamlet is rarely performed outside of London or Stratford this is a unique opportunity to see the play in the magical and atmospheric location of Royden Park, Frankby, Wirral.

The play has so much in it, if you fear its length, our version has been sensitively cut, retaining all the key elements in a more compact form. The story is one of love, loss, revenge, passion, courage, deception, dysfunctional families, the supernatural, warriors, royalty, diplomacy and heroism, plus so much more including some lovely comic moments.

In addition there are some of the most famous speeches in the English Language. Please don’t miss out on a wonderful, entrancing production brought to you by an extremely dedicated cast and crew, spearheaded by a magnificent Hamlet and visionary Director.

With Andrew Scott’s critically acclaimed Hamlet practically sold out in the West End, the Hillbark Player’s production is a fantastic opportunity to see this wonderful play in a unique setting using the background of the park. All audience seats are under cover with refreshments and a bar available.

Please don’t miss out, come along and immerse yourself in the magic. Tickets will be available this week from our onsite Box Office at Royden Park, or can be booked online at www.floralpavilion.com. The play opens tonight, 19th June 2017 and runs through to Saturday 24th June starting at 7.30pm and we have a matinee at 2.00pm on Saturday.


Visit to the Dentist

I’ve just returned from a visit to the dentist for a check up, I was hoping I’d just be back in 6 months, however I need a couple of composite fillings. Sounds exciting, but I’ve got a number already holding up my teeth and they’re useful rather than exciting.

While I was sitting in the waiting room, it was full and everyone was very quiet, it felt like a group of lost souls waiting in some level of purgatory before moving on to the next stage… all quite eerie…. Oh well I’m back there next week and will see how it feels then….

Yesterday was the 53rd Anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who being broadcast, very exciting! I celebrated by uploading some images I’d not released previously on my Facbook page from when I’ve met a number of stars from the show.

Everyone I’ve met from Doctor Who has been really lovely, I’d love to work on the show one day. In 2010 I was lucky enough to have a Tinsel Takeover programme about Doctor Who broadcast on Radio 1, 15 minutes of extreme excitement. From small acorns…..

The Dust Settles on Agincourt and the Post Office Beckons

After months of exciting rehearsals and a really enjoyable play week with a fantastic ensemble cast and incredibly hard working crew Henry V with Neston Players has been and gone. The play went very well and feedback from the audiences has been fantastic.

I’ve now returned to my main task of de-cluttering and over the weekend I was delighted as more stuff sold online. My Sunday afternoon was therefore spent wrapping an eclectic mix of items including old calendars, comics and tea sets. It’s a cathartic experience to be saying goodbye to the clutter of the past, releasing physical and emotional space in life to move on through this exciting journey.

I think my local post office are also benefiting from my work as you can see from this pile of parcels ready for posting, with my ephemera prepared to head off to new homes around the UK!s5000775

Henry V opens in Neston

Well last night (9 Nov 2016) saw the opening night of Henry V being performed by Neston Players, http://www.nestonplayers.co.uk/ and it went really well.

The production is immersive, epic and exciting and it’s my absolute delight to be playing The Earl of Westmorland. Feedback from opening night has been extremely positive, including comments that “I didn’t realise it would be so intimate, but that just added to the enjoyment” and “what a rip-roaring performance!”

I’m sure the rest of the run will just keep growing and developing. We’re on until Saturday, although Saturday night is sold out there are still tickets for the Saturday matinee and other evening performances. Don’t miss out if you get chance.

Here’s my official cast photo: