My name’s Adrian and I’m delighted that you’re looking at my website. A little about myself:


I’ve been working in Education for over 20 years with most of that time has been spent in procurement services. I have experience as a Purchasing Officer in a Further Education college and 12 years working for a very successful education purchasing consortium. During that time I developed my knowledge and experience, building a very successful contracting team and becoming their Contracting Manager for five years.


I’m a full member of CIPS and have also qualified in ILM Business Coaching and Mentoring.

In April 2016 I have taken a new direction, hence my website! I’m working from myself, happy to help if you need consultancy, advice or assistance with procurement. Do you have OJEU related questions, want advice on tendering, supplier reviews or help with running a further competition?

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

In between the procurement opportunities I am also spending time de-cluttering and looking at potentially upping sticks and downsizing.  I’m also looking at blogging about my experiences! Let’s see how we get on.

Acting, Voice overs and Presentations

I have extensive experience in a wide range of productions and voice overs, most recently I’ve been concentrating on Shakespeare. I have also presented to a wide range of audiences across the UK as well as speaking at a conference in Seoul, South Korea in May 2016. Please contact me if you have any requirements for voice overs, presentations etc or if you have acting or audition opportunities. Why not check out my gallery for some photos of me in a variety of productions. I’m also working as a background artist and have had some fantastic experiences so far.

My voicereel is attached as 4 May 2018 blog, please have a listen.

Please also check out some of the videos on my You Tube channel page:


Business Coaching

I’m really keen to help people and believe that everyone has great potential to develop and be successful. Coaching helps individuals challenge themselves to seek their own solutions to achieve better performance at work through a facilitative one-to-one process. We rarely give ourselves enough time to reflect, always having to keep going and do more.


A few examples of when Coaching can be helpful:

  • After training to help transfer learning to the work environment
  • Developing performance in focussed areas
  • To solve problems
  • To build confidence
  • To develop rising stars!


The issues don’t need to be huge, if there’s a small area that you would like to work on it’s absolutely fine.

I’m happy to work with individuals or set up programmes with organisations. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Thanks for visiting and hopefully there’s something of interest here, do please contact me if I can help with any of the areas I work in.