Visit to the Dentist

I’ve just returned from a visit to the dentist for a check up, I was hoping I’d just be back in 6 months, however I need a couple of composite fillings. Sounds exciting, but I’ve got a number already holding up my teeth and they’re useful rather than exciting.

While I was sitting in the waiting room, it was full and everyone was very quiet, it felt like a group of lost souls waiting in some level of purgatory before moving on to the next stage… all quite eerie…. Oh well I’m back there next week and will see how it feels then….

Yesterday was the 53rd Anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who being broadcast, very exciting! I celebrated by uploading some images I’d not released previously on my Facbook page from when I’ve met a number of stars from the show.

Everyone I’ve met from Doctor Who has been really lovely, I’d love to work on the show one day. In 2010 I was lucky enough to have a Tinsel Takeover programme about Doctor Who broadcast on Radio 1, 15 minutes of extreme excitement. From small acorns…..

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