Voice Reel Files

Thank you for visiting my website and listening to my voice reel files. I’ve worked on a range of different source material and for those pieces still in copyright hope that the copyright holders do not mind my using their work. No infringement of copyright is intended and I will remove files if the author or rights holder want me to.

I hope you enjoy the samples, please contact me if I can help you with any audio work.


1 Hitch Hikers


2 Revenge of the Cybermen


3 The Homecoming


4 I Sat Belonely


5 The Audience


6 The Zygon Inversion


7 Henry V


8 Camelot


9 The Cherry Orchard


10 The Winters Tale


11 The Abominable Snowman


12 As You Like It


13 My Fair Lady


14 The Tyger


15 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


16 The Hound of the Baskervilles




































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